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We design, prototype and build all types of interactive from the simple tactile feely box to complex electro-mechanical displays. We are experienced producers of hands-on interactive exhibits and touch screen kiosks. We also carry out upgrades and maintenance to exhibits built by others. Over the years we have developed exhibits that will cope with the large numbers of visitors, where ease of maintenance and longevity are a key. We also advise as part of our design process regarding the construction and health and safety issues applicable to all installations.

Don't forget we also develop museum interiors and install custom lighting solutions.

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Automata Interactive Exhibit

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Mechanical Interactives

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Electro-mechanical Interactive

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Custom Digital AV

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Automated Nut Cracker Interactive

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Basic Children's Interactive

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Touch and Feel Exhibit

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Customised Lift up Flap

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Touch and Feel Boxes

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Magnetic Interpretation

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Feature Exhibits

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Automated Mechanical Interactive

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Digital Push Pressure Interactive

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Turn Handle Interactives

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Tactile Interpretaion

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Interactive Interpretation

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Digital Exhibit

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Automated Interactive

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Feature Interactives

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Illuminated Interactives


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